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# L I V E H E R O I C A L L Y

Heroic Humans

Sabrina Gajadhar

Sabrina founded A Brown Girl Company to celebrate diversity and to bring advocacy and awareness to mental health. She holds pace for people to share their stories and journeys, and features people to share vulnerabilities, successes and challenges. Sabrina, you truly are a Heroic Human...
You are my Heroes, 
Dana Clark 

"I was inspired to start this company because I realized that life is too short to not be represented and to not have a voice. In june 2017, I was diagnosed with depression right after I tried to take my own life. As you can imagine, it was a terrible time. I felt like my life was over. I slept all day everyday because my one and only wish was to not be here anymore. Fast forward to August 2018 - a year and two months after my diagnosis - I'm running my own brown girl empowerment line, which has gotten incredible feedback from around the world. I made it my mission to show people that they too can turn something as bad as depression into something good. It’s okay to not be okay and I want everyone to know that when they come across my page. 

In the past, I've looked up "brown girl empowerment" and had no luck. Therefore, I decided to make my own. I want brown girls to know they aren't alone. Society never really talks about brown women, and I wanted to let them know that their voice will be heard. I want them to see my products and say "hey, that looks like me!". I will do everything I can to give brown women a voice because we deserve it. We need to stick together, and stay strong. Everything gets better. We are strong, powerful, talented and beautiful just like all the other women out there, and that is simply what this line is intended to represent. Something beautiful can come out of even the ugliest of situations and I need people to know that it really does get better no matter what situation they are in."

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Heroic Humans is a social impact movement that provides a gathering space for inspiration, celebration and empowerment. We aim to foster connections among heroic people and groups, helping to establish a broader reach and more profound influence on their individual communities. We care about authentic connections and the power behind all people and passions. Let’s join forces and recognize those who make a difference.

100% of proceeds go towards creating Heroism in your community

Heroic Humans



For the past couple months, I've been working on an idea that has completely set my heart and soul on fire. I've been laying the foundation of a social impact movement that has an unwavering mission: to inspire, celebrate and empower Heroic members of our communities.
In doing this, we can all play a part in celebrating the good versus the bad and share authentic stories, people, passions and inspirations. Heroic Humans is a space that seeks to foster acceptance and inclusion in a world wedded to judgmental social norms and constructs. It is a place that refuses to marginalize and exclude people. It is a place where we can thrive as our truest and most powerful selves.
Join me in kicking off my journey as the founder of Heroic Humans and participate as this movement shakes the world. Follow us on social media to watch it all unfold.

# L I V E H E R O I C A L L Y

Dana Clark



Heroism comes in all forms. Whether it’s someone who lights you up, inspires you or others, or pours your favorite cup of coffee; everyone has their own story to tell and a life to change.

With your help, we can uncover raw emotion and vulnerability, overcome adverse conditions, and applaud human empowerment in all its forms.

Submit your Heroic Human and share their impact with us. We’d love to get to know them!