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# L I V E H E R O I C A L L Y


Join us for a night of connection, celebration and recognition for all that we've accomplished this past year! Tickets include one drink and hors d'oeuvres. Dinner menu available.

Regan Smith &
The BakeRee 

Photo Credit: Candace Berry Photography

Everyone, Meet Regan: 

This feature reminds us that Heroism comes in all forms, big and small, and sure does make an impact coming from a seriously inspirational young lady named Regan. Regan, you're well on your way to making a difference in the lives of many. Keep up all of your amazing work! You truly are a Heroic Human...
You are my Heroes, 
Dana Clark 

"Regan Scott created The BakeRee out of a simple love of baking. This young lady is Durham Health certified and completed her Safe Food Handling certification all by age 12. Now, she’s in demand all over Durham Region and as far as downtown Toronto!

Regan, known to her baby sister (and staff taste tester) as “Ree”, tested out recipes for special diets for hours on end. Only the best gluten free, vegan, and even raw creations made The BakeRee cut. Regan has produced some of the tastiest cookies for special diets – her dairy free chocolate chip cookies are simply too good to be dairy free. Although she specializes in cookies, Regan says her banana loaves are also a huge hit not only at the farmer’s markets but also around Christmastime when her fresh baked goods are in high demand. In December, Regan prepared nearly 50 gift sets, made to order, for children gifting to their teachers. Another 50 gift sets went out for corporate client gifts. At only $20 a set, these gift sets come with a half dozen fresh cookies of choice, in a BakeRee customized mug, and cello wrapped with a gift tag ready to go. Word about this young entrepreneur’s tasty treats has spread as far as downtown Toronto – Regan has prepared platters for some blue chip companies’ corporate events, although she only smiles and blushes a little when I ask which companies. I ask her how she prepares such big orders and delivers them, and she looks to Dad, who only smiles.


Usually, Regan saves her earnings from The BakeRee sales for her education and donates a portion of proceeds to a charity close to her heart. This summer, Regan is donating proceeds from her sales at the UFM (Uxbridge Farmers Market) on Sunday, September 23 to the Toronto SickKids Hospital (SickKids Foundation). Regan remembers her experiences visiting SickKids as an outpatient. When Regan was born, a blood clot in her arm led her to be in care at SickKids for the first weeks of her life. When returning for check ups, she remembers being scared and nervous in the big hospital’s waiting rooms. Regan hopes to donate funds, with the support of her community, to provide fun activities and programmes for children in outpatient waiting rooms. She knows that play will make children’s experiences less scary and more fun while waiting to see their health team doctors.


Regan’s plans for The BakeRee include the fundraiser on September 23d at the UFM, where you can fill out a ballot to win a gift set. Regan explains that with competitive dance, swimming, school, and babysitting (yes, she’s also a certified babysitter) she has to balance her time very carefully. Regan will focus on fulfilling gift set and party platter orders for holidays rather than attending markets. With nearly 100 gift sets on order last year, I suggest getting in touch with The BakeRee today to get your orders in.


You can check out Regan and The BakeRee at on Instagram @TheBakeRee_ on Facebook @TheBakeReeCA or you can email her to place your order: Be sure to stop by the UFM on September 23 to support her in donating to SickKids Foundation - and buy some of this famous banana loaf you’ve already heard so much about!"





Heroic Humans is a social impact movement that provides a gathering space for inspiration, celebration and empowerment. We aim to foster connections among heroic people and groups, helping to establish a broader reach and more profound influence on their individual communities. We care about authentic connections and the power behind all people and passions. Let’s join forces and recognize those who make a difference.

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Heroic Humans



For the past couple months, I've been working on an idea that has completely set my heart and soul on fire. I've been laying the foundation of a social impact movement that has an unwavering mission: to inspire, celebrate and empower Heroic members of our communities.
In doing this, we can all play a part in celebrating the good versus the bad and share authentic stories, people, passions and inspirations. Heroic Humans is a space that seeks to foster acceptance and inclusion in a world wedded to judgmental social norms and constructs. It is a place that refuses to marginalize and exclude people. It is a place where we can thrive as our truest and most powerful selves.
Join me in kicking off my journey as the founder of Heroic Humans and participate as this movement shakes the world. Follow us on social media to watch it all unfold.

# L I V E H E R O I C A L L Y

Dana Clark



Heroism comes in all forms. Whether it’s someone who lights you up, inspires you or others, or pours your favorite cup of coffee; everyone has their own story to tell and a life to change.

With your help, we can uncover raw emotion and vulnerability, overcome adverse conditions, and applaud human empowerment in all its forms.

Submit your Heroic Human and share their impact with us. We’d love to get to know them!